Lovely Couple

From the Cheyne family, but may be called Grant ?

Christina Dick Donaldson

Christina Cheyne

Christina (Donaldson) Cheyne, Molly (Mary Jane Mosely Cheyne, and Bertha Maud Cheyne - taken 1918/19

Christina (Donaldson) Cheyne

William and Christina Cheyne's Children

Molly (1916), Bertha (1917), Bill (1924?) and Gathorne (1930). Brenda born later (1931).


Mary Jane Mosely Cheyne

William (Bill) Cheyne

" A Sprightly 70 year old !"

Jane Porter

Taken at about age 17.

George Cheyne

Second from the left - others unknown ........

George Cheyne & Jane Porter

Bill Cheyne

Ran off to sea when a young la and eventually ended up in the Navy.

Bill, Harry & Alan Cheyne

Bill Cheyne & Christina Donaldson

at the time of their engagement.

Cheyne Family

from left, back - Jeannie, Geordie, Mary Isabella,Gordon middle - Davie, George (father), Bill, Jane (Mother),James front - Sandy, Ethel, Harry

William and Christina Cheyne's Children

More recent - Gath, Bertha, Brenda (standing), Bill and Molly.

1930's Picnic

Bill, Chrissie, Jane (Porter), Bertha, Gath & Brenda